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Here are a few new businesses that we have helped to get a successful start on the journey to becoming profitable ventures.

Phoenix United - Community Interest Company

When working with a new business it is important to know the business vision as well as you can possibly know it; as the website designer from the initial vision meeting. Once we felt that we understood the vision, we then set about planning the structure of the website along with the details that would eventually make this project come alive.

The real work began with the design concepts which outlined the features of the home page and due to our understanding of P.U.C.I.C.'s (Phoenix Utd Community Interest Company) key values we were able to produce a home page that met the design brief's sense of community. Using the bespoke web design tools we were able to marry an engaging front end with additional pages that conveyed exactly the aims and information that the customer wanted to share with visitors. This allowed P.U.C.I.C. to truly get a great start with this their new business.

Once the website design was signed off, email addresses were quickly agreed upon and registered, which then allow the social media marketing aspect of their New Business Success' package to begin in Ernest.

P.U.C.I.C. has now an established website and a social media presence (which includes Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter), that is growing daily due to the close working relationship established with ourselves.

Services Included (Sold as a package)

Everso Training - Accredited Training Company

New Business Success (NBS) was asked to provide a simplified design concept for the proposed 'Everso Training' website which we were only too happy to provide and after some minor tweaking, the general look of the website was defined.

The clean lines and white space provide room for future development. The simplicity of the category layout was outlined from the beginning which allowed NBS to configure the website build around that education/training theme. The idea to allow products to be grouped and categorised individually allowed the user/visitor the freedom to select their requirements exactly.

Having built a good working relationship with the owner previously NBS knew exactly what was required from the beginning and the relationship became stronger as a result, as was made evident by the increase in their social media following and successful inaugural training session.

Services Included (Sold as a package) / Life-Coaching and Mindfulness Coach

New Business Success (NBS) was approached to design and build '' website which needed the same care and attention that Christine herself provides her customers. The brand was carefully crafted with the ideas laid down by Christine and the most important part of the design process was portraying a welcoming and approachable introduction to Life-Coaching making the link to brand.

Not only that but the design needed to convey a caring feel which meant that the correct interpretation that Christi desired was achieved, after all, her name and, hence reputation attached, would be forever attached to it, so it had to be interpreted to her satisfaction.


In her own words “ needed a warm, yet professional design that portrayed an informative, and a website for potential clients. NBS adopted the colour scheme of the site from a selection of suggested colours and patterns, providing uniformity and consistency to solidify her company branding.”

Services Included (Sold as a package) - Funeral Flower Arrangements

NBS was approached to design a new website for and the new website was to focus on their love for flower arrangements and bringing a sense of comfort at a time where great sadness would be the driving factor for customers to get in touch with

VeronicasFlowers focuses on quality flower arrangements for funeral services. NBS therefore, set about producing a website which would complement their products and services.

Using muted greens, single imagery, crisp typography and plenty of white space for the design to breathe, the visuals for the site came together quite organically.

The website features are respectful in its imagery and language, interactive forms reduce the need for numerous emails, allowing the sensitive process of arranging the order to be a stressless one.

All in all the website is packed with just the right amount of features that don't overwhelm the visitor and almost embraces them while facilitating the processing of their order.

Services Included (Sold as a package)

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