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We listen to you, But more importantly, ..we understand you; and help you to get started in the most successful way possible!

Business advice, based on our experience of once, being, at your start-up stage

We know that a website is the face of your business; therefore making the right business decisions that complement this is vital for any business. Get your business planning off to a successful start today.

New Business Success | Digital Services

Perfect for Start-Ups
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Business Outline
The Marketplace Research

The Business Strategy
The Financial Forecast

The Branding Document

New Business Success | Digital Services

Perfect for Start-Ups
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Logo Design

Apparel Design

Social Media branding

Digital Media marketing

Digital channel Marketing

Business Plans Package

When seeking funding it is vital that you create a business plan, not only for your potential funders but for yourself.  A business plan is not just a start-up exercise, but a literal 'roadmap' of how your vision is to unfold into reality. This Includes:

Business Outline

Provides an executive summary that provides the key details of your vision in a concise manner.

The Financial Forecast

Provides, a preview of intended revenue over time to ensure that vision gets the best chance of success, with realistic financial targets.

The Market

Provides a consise outline/overview of your intended marketplace, the approximate size, and segment potential.

The Branding Document

Outline what you envision for your brands' appearance to the public/customer of your product, services, or information.

The Business Strategy

Provides a detailed, yet clear plan for achieving the vision, within the short, medium and long term.

Business Branding Package

Your branding strategy is not just about creating a 'logo', it is about creating the look and feel that is aim at convincing your potential customers that you have the solution in the form of products and/or services that meet their needs. Let's get started.

Logo Design

Creation of initial logo ideas into a workable branding identifier that matches your vision and mission ambitions

Digital Media Branding

Taking your 'Social Media' branding to the next level and further ensuring that your brand is represented on Business cards and other digital media.

Apparel Design

Design and preparation of apparel for your business to present a unified presentation of your brand.

Digital Channel Marketing

Providing you with your 1st Social media marketing campaign of 30 Social Media creatives for use on automatic social media sharing & scheduling platforms. 

Social Media Branding

Ensuring that all of your business branding 'voice' is consistently represented across all of your social media platforms.

Why Choose Us?

In Short:

  • We provide actionable business advice for New StartUps, based on over a decade of helping numerous startups.

  • We know what you're going through

  • We design and create unique customized, Websites

  • We Provide a personalized step-by-step service, tuned to your specific needs

  • We provide a clear step-by-step Social Media Marketing plan for you to follow.

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